I am a human-machine relationship counsellor but you can call me a UX Designer. I have recently started a UX design consultancy named Zaash Labs. Since the beginning of my career, I have enjoyed learning about consumer psychology, data collection methodologies, and data analysis. 
In August 2021, I started my career in UX at Advisor Websites (now Snappy Kraken) as a UX Designer and Researcher. As the sole member of the UX department, I handled various tasks such as secondary research, user interviews, documentation, surveys, data collection, data analysis, wire-framing, prototyping, and data presentation. This opportunity has been a crucial part of my growth as a professional, as I learned from my mistakes and improved my skills while contributing to all the projects I worked on.
I'm all about keeping busy with fun stuff like writing free verses, reading books, and exploring the trails around Kitchener and Waterloo. Whenever I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, I love to cook - it's such a great way for me to wind down and relax. I'm always down to try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen!
Why UX?
For me, UX is more than a profession; it's a fusion of empathy and creativity. It's the thrill of crafting experiences that transcend usability, making technology a conduit for profound human connections and empowerment.
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